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Baking With Coffee

It is officially fall in Minneapolis. Possibly the shortest season of the year, and arguably the most loved. Changing leaves, crisp temperatures, cozy bonfires, knit sweaters, warm coffees. Everyone is enjoying the final days of moderate temperatures before they plummet in the winter.  Fall days seem to inspire people to

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Now Serving: Silverbird Coffee

At 7 Corners Coffee, we have some exciting news to share!  We have always been devoted to serving our customers the best ethically sourced, high-quality, specialty coffee in Minneapolis. For years we have featured different roasters in our coffee shops in pursuit of a favorite.  Well, we are excited to

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Can Studying at a Coffee Shop Boost Productivity?

With so many jobs, classes, and other community activities, we continue to embrace our new work-from-home and online culture. People are having to find new ways to stay productive and on task from the comfort of their own homes and the security of being behind a monitor.  It can be

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What is Ethically Sourced Coffee?

As a cafe near downtown Minneapolis, we put great value on serving our guests ethically sourced coffee. We are thrilled to see that more and more coffee shops and roasters are emphasizing purchasing ethically sourced coffee. This is a move in the right direction for the coffee industry as a

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How Long Does Coffee Stay Fresh?- Coffee Storage Tips

If you are reading this, chances are you are a coffee lover, just like us. You are committed to making your coffee experience each day as enjoyable as possible. We can all agree, that there’s just nothing like starting your day with a warm, fresh cup of quality coffee. That’s

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The Difference of a Specialty Coffee Shop

We have discussed the value of supporting a third-wave coffee shop but how do you find one when you are out and about? Many specialty coffee shops aren’t explicitly advertised as the third wave. Of all the coffee shops in downtown Minneapolis, how do you spot a third-wave shop? The

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