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How You Can Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

As a specialty coffee cafe in Downtown Minneapolis, we value sustainability. It is important to us that our coffee shops operate responsibly to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and the coffee supply chain.  We invest in many sustainable practices from using recycled materials to working with ethically sourced

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Top Summer Coffee Pick

It is finally warm here in Minnesota. School is letting out, bicycles are speeding by, and everyone is enjoying our short-lived summer. As the temperatures continue to rise, hot coffee drinkers may enjoy their steaming cup of coffee a little less. So what do you do on a hot summer

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Where Does Specialty Coffee Come From?

It’s one of the age-old coffee questions, where does coffee come from? Does it grow in a tree? On a bush? Is it really a bean? You may know the answers to these questions if you are a coffee fanatic like we are. But most people haven’t stopped to really

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Does Stronger Darker Coffee Have More Caffeine?

It may be assumed that a stronger darker roast of coffee contains more caffeine than a mild lighter roast. What do you think? Fact or Myth? That is actually a myth. A stronger darker roast doesn’t equate to more caffeine in your cup of coffee. If anything, the opposite is

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The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

If you didn’t already know this, let us be the first to tell you. That cup of coffee you enjoy every single day is actually good for you! In this day and age, it seems all our favorite indulgences aren’t great for our overall health, but coffee actually comes with

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