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Pre-ground Vs. Whole Bean Coffee

Have you ever been in the coffee aisle debating which type of coffee to buy? There are so many choices when it comes to purchasing coffee, and if you value a good cup, you want to make sure you are making the best choices.  One of the common questions people

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Cold Brew Vs. Hot Brew Specialty Coffee

It is spring in Minnesota which means we are all itching for warm weather. As Minnesotans do, we don’t let the fluctuating temperatures thwart our spring plans. One of the ways we embrace spring despite the temps is cold brew coffee.  Spring is when many people celebrate the opening of

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Coffee Fun Facts

The history of coffee is both fun and exciting to learn about! As coffee lovers, we always uncover new facts or tidbits about our beloved drink. Did you know all these facts about coffee? For more coffee talk stop into 7 corners specialty coffee in Minneapolis any day of the

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American Grown Coffee

If you have walked down your grocery store coffee aisle or looked into the origins of coffee, chances are you see coffee from all over the world, from Brazil to Ethiopia, to Colombia. Likely, you won’t see a lot of coffee grown in the United States. This may have you

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How Coffee can Help With Your New Years’ Resolutions

It’s the time of year for new beginnings and new years resolutions. It seems these days many people have given up on setting new year’s resolutions as year after year they are unsuccessful in following through after a couple of months, weeks, or days.  We hate to see everyone’s new

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How is Latte Art Created?

As coffee lovers and baristas, we treat each cup of coffee we serve as a work of art. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring you receive a cup of coffee representing the farmers, roasters, and overall story of every step that went into making it.  Even though we

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