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American Grown Coffee

If you have walked down your grocery store coffee aisle or looked into the origins of coffee, chances are you see coffee from all over the world, from Brazil to Ethiopia, to Colombia. Likely, you won’t see a lot of coffee grown in the United States. This may have you

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How Coffee can Help With Your New Years’ Resolutions

It’s the time of year for new beginnings and new years resolutions. It seems these days many people have given up on setting new year’s resolutions as year after year they are unsuccessful in following through after a couple of months, weeks, or days.  We hate to see everyone’s new

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How is Latte Art Created?

As coffee lovers and baristas, we treat each cup of coffee we serve as a work of art. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring you receive a cup of coffee representing the farmers, roasters, and overall story of every step that went into making it.  Even though we

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5 coffee Essentials to Become an At Home Barista

Whether you are hosting a coffee bar at your holiday party or just want to enhance your Saturday morning cup of Joe, to become a true at-home barista you will need to stock your coffee bar with a number of essentials.  1. Quality Whole Bean Coffee First things first, you

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Why Do We Love The Smell of Coffee?

To us, it’s a universally known fact that coffee smells good. Even those who don’t enjoy the taste of coffee (crazy, we know!) usually still enjoy the smell of coffee. There is actually some science behind the smell of coffee and why is it so appealing to the masses. As

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Single Origin Vs. Coffee Blend

As coffee connoisseurs, we often hear customers inquiring about single-origin coffee. What is single-origin coffee, and what does it mean if your coffee is not single-origin? We are here to answer all your coffee questions, and this is a good one.  Coffee is either going to be a single origin

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