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Coffee brings people together. Coffee shops have become the hub for casual meetups, dates, study sessions and more. Even individuals are drawn in, sharing in a community while keeping to themselves. While a quality space is important, we believe it’s equally important to offer coffee worth gathering around for.

What makes a cup of coffee special? Taste is the simple answer, but achieving a great flavor isn’t something that just happens. It’s an intentional process that goes back to the farm where the coffee beans are grown. In every great cup of coffee, there is a story of the farmers who nurtured and harvested the coffee beans and the roasters who brought out their unique flavors.

It’s this story that makes a cup of coffee special.

At 7 Corners Coffee, we work with roasters and farmers around the world, bringing their stories to our specialty coffee shops. All of our coffee can be traced back to the farmer who grew it, so you can know the journey it’s taken to reach you. It’s present in every delicious sip.

Come visit our coffee shops in downtown Minneapolis and Eden Prairie to experience exceptional coffee and the story behind it.

Featured roaster:
ONXY Coffee Lab
We rotate our featured roaster quarterly, keeping things fresh and new. While each roaster comes with its own unique offerings, you can expect to find coffee classics such as lattes, cappuccinos, cold brew and more.

Always proudly serving:
Dogwood Coffee
In addition to our featured roaster, we always have Dogwood Coffee available in batch brew, along with kombucha and specialty soda on tap.

We offer a selection of delicious bakery items made fresh at beloved Twin Cities locales.

Our Story

7 Corners Coffee exists for you. From its inception in the summer of 2019, the minds behind 7CC believed business can be about more than profits and products. They set out to create a customer experience that would stand out in every way.

The formula was simple. With an atmosphere that’s bright and warm, an unwavering standard of excellence in every cup of coffee served and staff who genuinely care to engage in the life of each customer, 7 Corners Coffee could become one of the premier customer service experiences in the Twin Cities. Coupling that formula with a constant focus on using products that are relationally sourced from the global coffee community, customers are bringing value to the lives of specialty growers and roasters all over the world. That feels even better than studying or working next to the bright yellow walls throughout our shops!

In the spring of 2019, Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, MN decided to take the next step in their mission by answering a phone call that led to the Minneapolis coffee shop you see today. With a heart for creating epicenters of hope throughout the Twin Cities, the church’s leadership rallied to launch a business that would genuinely provide value to its customers, neighbors, staff and suppliers. They took over the lease on Washington Avenue, just one block away from the West Bank of the University of Minnesota, and the planning began. 7 Corners Coffee – Minneapolis was born.

As the vision began to take shape, a less-than-coincidental connection was made with Ben and Kristy Carlson of Long Miles Coffee. Ben brought his years of experience in specialty coffee, his eye for great design and his passion for people to the project. He joined the team as project lead and helped build the business that exists today.

On August 29, 2020, the coffee shop celebrated its first year of business! It was a year filled with unexpected challenges, many lessons learned and truly meaningful connections with a wide variety of customers in downtown Minneapolis.

Despite the challenges of 2020, the business has continued pressing forward. January 2021 brought the inception of our second location, 7 Corners Coffee – Eden Prairie, off of Shady Oak Road and Highway 212 in the southwest suburbs.

7 Corners Coffee is still in its infancy but our dreams of impacting lives are unlimited. We aspire to create an experience that’s so memorable, you can’t help but share it with others! We’re eager to serve you your next cup and get to know you as we hand it over the counter.

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