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If you have walked down your grocery store coffee aisle or looked into the origins of coffee, chances are you see coffee from all over the world, from Brazil to Ethiopia, to Colombia. Likely, you won’t see a lot of coffee grown in the United States. This may have you wondering, is any coffee grown in the United States?

The answer is yes! Coffee is grown in the United States, but the areas in which coffee is grown are pretty limited, making it rare 

Coffee is grown in Hawaii and Puerto Rico and as of recently, it is also grown in California. 

What are the Most Productive coffee-growing Regions in the US?

The coffee belt is known as a region across the globe where coffee grows best due to the climate. These regions lie close to the equator and have warmer climates. Much of the US lies outside of the coffee belt, however, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and now California have been able to successfully grow coffee. 

In Hawaii, coffee has been grown since the early 1800s. Today, Hawaii has nearly 7,000 acres of land dedicated to farming coffee. Hawaii has even made a name for itself by producing the famous “Kona Coffee” which is a name applied to coffee grown in the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawaii. 

In Puerto Rico, coffee production has been declining mostly due to the devastating effects of destructive hurricanes. Several organizations are working hard in Puerto Rico to revitalize the coffee farming industry and contribute to the island’s thriving cafe culture. 

In California, the concept of growing coffee is still new and mostly experimental, for this reason, most California-grown coffee is too expensive and hard to find for the average coffee drinker. 

What does coffee grown in the US taste like?

Kona coffee is one of the most popular “US grown Coffees. It is said to have a smooth, slightly nutty, and fruity taste. In comparison, a coffee grown on a farm in California is said to have notes of “cookie dough, black Twizzlers, and tapioca”

Coffee Served From Around The World

While we all like to support Local businesses when we can, when it comes to coffee, it isn’t usually an option, and that’s okay! At our Coffee Shop near the U of M we proudly serve Silverbird Coffee which supports sustainable coffee farming around the world. For a taste of coffee from Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil, El Salvador, and more stop into 7 Corners Coffee Today! 

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