Cold Weather. Warm Flavors.

As the first half of December has already come and gone, two things are certain: the holiday season is in full swing, and winter wasted no time announcing its arrival.

Fortunately, 7 Corners has arrived at the party, ready with various flavors sure to sustain you up to and into the new year: Eggnog Latte, Holiday Spice Latte, Mint Basil Espresso Tonic and Spiced Mocha.


For some folks, holiday beverages start with eggnog, and honestly, it’s hard to argue with a traditional eggnog latte. 7 Corners’ version is exactly that: a classic drink made with whole milk eggnog from Autumnwood Farm, a dairy farm based in Forest Lake, Minnesota. “We wanted to partner with Autumnwood to allow us to produce a high-quality, unique Christmas drink,” says Director of Coffee, Nate Kinowski. “This is classic in every sense of the word.”

Nostalgia and pomander ball oranges were the inspiration for the Winter Spice Latte. The festive, fragrant ornament, comprised of a clove-studded orange, is the basis for this warm, cozy drink. “Orange juice and skin, combined with cloves, create a fragrant flavor of winter,” says Andrew Hinrichs, Director of Customer Experience and the mastermind behind the beverage.

“We also add cinnamon and rosemary to bring out warm kitchen smells, which remind me of holiday cooking with my family.” Pairing one with an apple Danish will bring a little sweetness into this warm cup of kitchen comfort.

Mint Basil Espresso Tonic

Take a moment to wrap your brain around the Mint Basil Espresso Tonic. While the desire for peppermint this time of year is natural (and potent), steeping it with basil and then combining it with espresso and tonic might seem like a recipe for disaster.

Never fear, though, as Kinowski says, the espresso and basil are the key to everything, balancing out the sometimes-intense peppermint and, for some, bitter tonic. “The basil mellows out the peppermint, kind of like having a ‘tang’ effect. Also, some people don’t prefer tonic, but its dry, bitter edge is mitigated by the sweeter, medium blend Supernova beans we use,” he says.

During the development process, Hinrichs envisioned both hot and cold iterations of the drink: “I wanted it combined with espresso tonic as a cold refreshing option for studying for finals. However, when combined with hot mocha, it lends some of that mint, along with the herbaceous basil, as a good hot drink as well!” Hinrichs recommends pairing it with a chocolate croissant.

Spiced Mocha

And, for a different element of spice, try the new winter Spiced Mocha. Don’t let the peppery thoughts cloud your vision: whether as an espresso-based drink or as a hot chocolate, the cayenne adds a distinct flavor note that will surprise your palette and, combined with smooth chocolate, warm your insides during the cold winter days ahead. “The cayenne can lend its heat to any drink, but the mocha or hot chocolate is a small homage to spiced Mexican mochas,” Hinrichs says. Though the spice level is reasonable for even the most adverse tastebuds, feel free to add a shot of espresso to satisfy your coffee fix.

Make your season bright with one of these four new drinks at 7 Corners Coffee’s Eden Prairie or downtown Minneapolis location today. Whether starting your morning with a cup to go or spending a few hours in the coffee shop, join us in celebrating such a wonderful time of year!

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