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It’s no secret that among the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant evolution in what the “workplace” looks like. A recent Forbes article reported that, as of this year, 40 percent of full-time employees spend at least part of their week in a remote work environment. In fact, according to the article, more than 32 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025. However, this should come as no surprise; after all, 16 percent of businesses operate entirely online, while 98 percent of workers expressed a desire to work remotely at least part of the time.

What does all this mean? Well, more and more individuals are ditching the traditional office in favor of a place outside of the home. The 7 Corners Coffee coworking space in Eden Prairie is a great space to work for a few hours, meet with employees or connect with potential clients.

“It’s really a convenient location,” says Nate Kinowski, director of coffee for 7 Corners. “There are lots of businesses around, as well as homes. But as far as the coworking space, there’s just a lot of options for coworking spaces. Many coffee shops are very limited in their space in the lobby to have private conversations, and here at 7 Corners, it’s just nice and wide open.”

That space extends to a courtyard in the middle, complete with a garden, trees, umbrellas and shade, an attractive feature, especially during the summer months. 7 Corners also offers meeting spaces, including those that can be rented out for larger group meetings or businesses.

coworking space with coffee

But what truly sets 7 Corners apart goes beyond its aesthetics and amenities.

Even with bright walls, open windows and plenty of room to work or relax, an equally important element of the coworking space in Eden Prairie exists behind the counter: the baristas making those specialty coffee drinks each day.

“If you look up our reviews online, the one thing that has really held up is that people really speak about the kindness of our staff,” Kinowski says. “If you order a latte and then sit down and set up your computer, the barista will just remember your name and bring it to you. That’s a practice we’ve really encouraged because it’s a small thing that goes above and beyond.”

The behavior fits within the Seven Principles 7 Corners baristas adhere to daily: smile, listen and be present, anticipate need, craft with excellence, express gratitude, speak honestly and graciously and build others up.

“As far as a specialty coffee shop goes, the only way you’re going to make it is if you care about your coffee and care about your customer, and we’re more than honored to have you come in and enjoy a great cup of coffee,” Kinowski says.

There’s more than enough coworking space in Eden Prairie for you, your coworkers or anyone else. Come spend a few hours working or relaxing with a specialty coffee at 7 Corners Coffee today.

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