All About Coffee Roast Levels

Roasting levels are especially important in the world of specialty coffee. At 7 Corners Coffee, we serve specialty coffee in a variety of roasts to emphasize different flavors within our coffee beans.

Our specialty coffee is higher in quality than most grocery store or chain coffee shop beans which means we can embrace the natural flavors and aromas through roasting instead of using the roasting process to cover up low-grade coffee beans. 

Next time you stop into a 7 Corners Coffee cafe near the University of Minnesota we want you to feel a little more in the know about the different roasts we have to offer. 

Let’s take a look at dark, medium, and light roasts. What is the difference and what can you expect in their different flavor profiles?

Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffee beans are just as they sound. They are lighter in color but still appear a dark tan color with no visible surface oils. Light roast coffee can be equal to coffee that is the “least roasted.” This means they retain the coffee bean’s unique flavors and characteristics of the origin farm.

Light roast coffee tends to have a more vibrant, acidic, and bright flavor. Floral and fruity notes tend to stand out at this roast level. Light roast tends to be the least bitter coffee roast.

Grinding light roast beans is more difficult because they’re more dense. Don’t be alarmed if they feel extra hard or resistant to your grinder.

Light Roast Coffee Flavor Profile:

  • Very characteristic of the origin farm
  • Crisp acidity
  • Floral and fruity flavors and sweetness
  • Light body
  • Bright aromas
  • No bitterness

Medium Roast Coffee

Medium roasts appear between light and dark roasts with a light brown color bean. This coffee retains much of the unique characteristics of the origin farm but present with a slightly smoother flavor profile. 

Medium roasts usually give you a slightly toned-down flavor profile when compared to light roasts. It brings in a little bit of bitterness which actually contributes to a well-rounded and beloved flavor. 

Medium Roast Coffee Flavor Profile:

  • Characteristic of the origin farm
  • Smooth acidity
  • Floral and fruity flavors
  • Honey or caramel sweetness
  • Medium body
  • Rich, rounded aromas
  • Light pleasant bitterness

Dark Roast Coffee

Specialty dark roast coffee isn’t about covering up flaws the way it may have been in traditional coffee. Dark roast coffee displays less of the unique flavors of its origin. The brighter acids and more exotic notes are smoothed out, the aromas become deep and rich, a darker sweetness like chocolate or molasses forms, and notes of spice, earth, and wood appear.

Dark Roast Coffee Flavor Profile:

  • Fewer characteristics of the origin farm
  • Mellow acidity
  • Deep spice, earth, and woody flavors
  • Molasses or chocolate sweetness
  • Heavy body
  • Rich, deep aromas
  • Pleasant bitterness

What’s Your Favorite Roast?

Whether You love the fresh crispness of light roast, the balance of medium roast or the smoothness of dark roast, we have you covered at 7 Corners Coffee. Stop in today to find out which roast is your favorite!

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