Pre-ground Vs. Whole Bean Coffee

Have you ever been in the coffee aisle debating which type of coffee to buy? There are so many choices when it comes to purchasing coffee, and if you value a good cup, you want to make sure you are making the best choices. 

One of the common questions people ask about coffee quality is whether it is better to purchase pre-ground or whole-bean coffee. 

Good question!

As a specialty coffee shop near Dinkytown in Minneapolis, we have some thoughts on the matter. 


One of the biggest arguments for the difference between ground coffee and whole bean coffee is the freshness factor. Roasting coffee beans open gaps within the coffee beans that allow coffee beans to absorb oxygen over time. This means once beans are roasted their freshness clock is ticking. 

Grinding coffee beans will break the bean apart and completely open them up to oxygen. For this reason, ground coffee is only fresh for 1-2 weeks. If you think about it, pre-ground coffee beans have likely been ground for 1-2 weeks by the time it reaches grocery store shelves. 

Comparatively, whole-bean coffee can hold onto the freshness for 1-2 months, giving you much more time to enjoy a fresh, flavorful cup. Proper coffee bean storage also helps maintain freshness. At 7 Corners Coffee we take our whole beans off the shelf 1 month after the roast date

Grind size 

Pre-ground coffee comes in one size fits all grind size. This is usually a medium grind. For most cases medium grind is fine, but depending on your brewing method, a smaller or larger grind may be more beneficial.

When you grind your own whole-bean coffee at home, you can customize your grind size to your unique needs, brewing method, and flavor profiles. 


Of course, when it comes to convenience, pre-ground coffee wins. Grinding your own beans at home does add an extra step to your coffee preparation process. If you struggle to get out of bed or leave the house on time, this extra step can be hindering. 


Is it more cost-effective to buy whole-bean or pre-ground coffee? Most of the time you won’t see a huge difference in price, however, sometimes whole-bean coffee may be a bit more expensive than pre-ground coffee. This is because whole-bean coffee is higher in quality and will be fresher so manufacturers charge a premium for it. 

This helps us conclude that when it comes to quality, freshness, and the best cup of specialty coffee, whole-bean coffee is better and should be your choice if possible. As a specialty coffee shop in Dinkytown, we only purchase whole-bean Silverbird coffee and grind it fresh on-site each time we brew. 

To taste the difference of quality whole beans coffee stop into 7 Corners Coffee today!

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