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What is Third Wave Coffee?

When you think about purchasing a cup of coffee, it is almost overwhelming how many options you have. Chances are there are one or multiple coffee shops in proximity to where you currently are. These coffee shop options likely vary in price, quality, and overall experience. So how do you

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Specialty Coffee FAQs

Specialty coffee is the highest quality coffee on the market, and it just so happens to be what we serve each of our customers at 7 Corners specialty coffee in downtown Minneapolis.  Our coffee is unique. And we know you may have a few questions about it.  If you’re wondering,

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What is Coffee Acidity?

When tasting coffee you may hear coffee connoisseurs refer to acidity. You may even taste acidity yourself without realizing it. This may have you wondering. Why is coffee acidic? Where does it come from? Do I want more or less acidity in my coffee? Let’s find out! What is Coffee

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How You Can Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

As a specialty coffee cafe in Downtown Minneapolis, we value sustainability. It is important to us that our coffee shops operate responsibly to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and the coffee supply chain.  We invest in many sustainable practices from using recycled materials to working with ethically sourced

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Top Summer Coffee Pick

It is finally warm here in Minnesota. School is letting out, bicycles are speeding by, and everyone is enjoying our short-lived summer. As the temperatures continue to rise, hot coffee drinkers may enjoy their steaming cup of coffee a little less. So what do you do on a hot summer

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