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Espresso Pour

Your Favorite Coffee Shop Beverages

One of the greatest things about coffee is the variety. From the types of bean selected before brewing to the whip cream topping, the possibilities of what’s in your cup and how you customize it to your liking are endless. Whether you are a coffee newbie or seasoned pro, our

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Arabica Vs. Robusta – Which is Specialty Coffee?

We know not everyone is an expert in the origins of their coffee. As a specialty coffee shop in Minneapolis, our job and passion are to source high-quality coffee beans from ethically run farms across the globe. We put in the work to do this, so all you have to

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First Feature Roaster of 2022- Coffea Roasterie

We are excited to share our first feature roaster of 2022, Coffea Roasterie. Also based in the Midwest, this coffee is coming to us from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Coffea Roasterie Coffea Roasterie & Espresso bar was established in 2009 by a group of coffee lovers who are passionate about

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Sun-Grown Vs. Shade-Grown Coffee

One of the biggest focuses of specialty coffee growers and the third wave coffee movement is sustainability. We value how we can contribute to protecting our environment while producing the highest quality cup of coffee possible. For us, that process goes all the way back to when and where the

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What is Espresso?

What Makes Specialty Coffee Special?

Did you know that the term specialty coffee is more than just a fancy name given to coffee drinks as a marketing strategy. Specialty coffee is actually a term used to describe a type of coffee that qualifies based on different standards. In order to be considered a specialty coffee,

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5 Ways to Give The Gift of Coffee

These days, coffee has become a universally loved beverage. As coffee fanatics, ourselves, we love to see that the world has grown to truly appreciate a good cup of coffee in the same way we do. We think what makes coffee so easy to love is the versatility. Each cup

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