Now Serving: Silverbird Coffee

At 7 Corners Coffee, we have some exciting news to share! 

We have always been devoted to serving our customers the best ethically sourced, high-quality, specialty coffee in Minneapolis. For years we have featured different roasters in our coffee shops in pursuit of a favorite. 

Well, we are excited to announce that the search is over. We have found our new favorite roaster and we hope it quickly becomes your new favorite too!

Silverbird Roasting Company

7 Corners Coffee will now be serving exclusively Silverbird Coffee. A roasting company based right here in Minnesota. Silverbird was founded by Tony Querio, the founder of the Acorn Coffee Club. Previously, Tony was the head roaster and Director at prominent coffee shops in Minneapolis before he ventured into starting his own roasting company. He also won the US roasters championship in 2016.

Our dedication to serving sustainable sourced and high-quality coffee has remained the same, which is why Silverbird Coffee is an excellent choice for our coffee shop and customers. 

Silverbird sources its coffee beans from ethically run farms across the world. Each blend can be traced back to the farms it originated from. Speaking of blends, let’s take a look at some of the featured coffee blends you can expect to see from Silverbird in 7 Corners Coffee Shops.

Super Nova

Super Nova is Silverbird’s Signature blend, created to be sweet and rich, whether you choose to enjoy it as an espresso or brewed coffee. The structured chocolate foundation gives this coffee enough body and sweetness to be represented well in all brew methods. 

This iteration blends coffees from Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia to create a smooth chocolate base with sweet berry overtones that transforms into a sparkling citric finish. We built this blend to be a refined, modern interpretation of classic espresso.

Bishon Dimo

Bishan Dimo is a bright and complex blend with notes of jasmine throughout. Starting off the cup has more of a lemongrass and bergamot presence but shifts toward nectarine and white peaches as it cools. The sweetness reminds us of fresh pressed sugar cane. 

This coffee is produced by Faysel. A coffee farmer who owns two mills in the region of Odo Shakiso. By establishing two mills in the region, offering training, and paying premium wages to producers with superior harvests, Faysel has improved the coffee and quality of life in the region. What started as a few farmers have grown to over a thousand. Focusing on quality has led to higher farmer income which has encouraged others in the area to shift their focus to coffee as well. 

Sting Ray

Stingray is the Silverbird blend crafted for iced coffee. This blend was created to be clean and smooth with bright fruit overtones to keep it refreshing. This blend is comprised of coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru. This coffee works really well whether you are doing a cold brew or flash chill method. It also works really well as a drip blend that takes milk quite nicely. 

Specialty Coffee in Minneapolis

To try our new Silverbird Coffee selections, stop into 7 corners coffee in Minneapolis or Eden prairie. Whether you grab a cup to go or stop and stay awhile, we hope you love Silverbird Coffee as much as we do!

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