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What makes a cup of coffee special? Taste is the simple answer, but achieving a great flavor isn’t something that just happens. It’s an intentional process that goes back to the farm where the coffee beans are grown. In every great cup of coffee, there is a story of the farmers who nurtured and harvested the coffee beans and the roasters who brought out their unique flavors.

It is this story that makes a cup of coffee special.

At 7 Corners Coffee, we work with roasters and farmers around the world, bringing their stories to our specialty coffee shops in Minneapolis and Eden Prairie. All of our coffee can be traced back to the farmer that grew it, so you can know the journey it’s taken to reach you. It’s present in every delicious sip.

Come visit our coffee shop in downtown Minneapolis or Eden Prairie and experience a little bit of our current roasters story.

Building Community Through Coffee

Coffee brings people together. Coffee shops have become the hub for casual meetups, dates, study sessions, and more. Even individuals are drawn in, sharing in a community while keeping to themselves. While a quality space is important, we believe it’s equally important to offer coffee worth gathering around for.

At 7 Corners Coffee, we serve a variety of specialty coffee drinks in downtown Minneapolis. We rotate our featured roaster quarterly, keeping things fresh and new. While each roaster comes with its own unique offerings, you can expect to find coffee classics such as lattes, cappuccinos, cold brew, and more.

In addition to our featured roaster, we always have Dogwood Coffee available in batch brew, along with kombucha and specialty soda on tap. Need some food to pair with your beverage of choice? We offer a selection of delicious bakery items made fresh at beloved Twin Cities locales. We carry three flavors of Sebastian Joe’s ice cream as well. They can be enjoyed in one of our handcrafted affogatos or by themselves.

If you’re looking to gather at a specialty coffee shop in Minneapolis, 7 Corners Coffee is the perfect pairing of a great space and even better coffee.

Quality Roasters. Ethical Coffee.

At 7 Corners Coffee, we care about the story behind a cup of coffee. That means we care about the people responsible for providing it, from start to finish. We partner with single origin roasters that provide exceptional quality through ethical working conditions.

Each coffee we serve can be traced back to the farmer that grew it. We make sure that those farmers are being paid a livable wage so that their families and communities can thrive from the product that brings us all so much joy.

We’ve built great relationships with roasters around the world, and we’re continually looking for new ones to partner with. Together, we can help coffee farming communities flourish while telling their story in our Minneapolis coffee shop, one cup at a time.

Our History of Featured Roasters:

Sept 2019-Oct 2019—Provision Coffee, Phoenix
In 2011, PROVISION started to build a community. A community around coffee, craft, shared interests, and more coffee. They traveled the world to meet coffee farmers, understand the entire lifecycle of the crop, and learn the secrets of the trade. They dialed in their roast profiles, tempered their craft, and made use of some science-y stuff to deliver rich, caramelized sugars and juicy, sweet acidity in every cup.

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