Baking With Coffee

It is officially fall in Minneapolis. Possibly the shortest season of the year, and arguably the most loved. Changing leaves, crisp temperatures, cozy bonfires, knit sweaters, warm coffees. Everyone is enjoying the final days of moderate temperatures before they plummet in the winter. 

Fall days seem to inspire people to do all kinds of activities including apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and haunted houses. For lovers of all things cozy, fall is the start of the baking season! Nothing gets you inspired to turn on your oven and bake something delicious like a crisp fall morning drinking a warm coffee.

For many, the two go hand in hand. Coffee and baking. Well, have you ever considered incorporating your coffee right into your baking? For years coffee and baked goods have been served alongside each other, but this fall have you considered truly combining the two?

There are many different ways you can include coffee in your baking recipes. Its bitterness and acidity, punchy roasted flavor, and intensity are all real strengths.  Whether using actual cold liquid coffee, instant espresso powder, or even coffee extract, If your looking for something fun, new, and flavorful to try this year, read on!

Coffee Flavored… Anything

So many of your favorite baking recipes can be modified into coffee flavored, by simply switching out vanilla, almond, or whatever flavor extract your recipe might call for coffee extract. A coffee extract can be used 1:1 for vanilla; if you want a more intense coffee flavor, instant espresso powder can be added to the dry ingredients 

The Perfect Combo…Coffee & Chocolate

Have you ever wondered why coffee and chocolate pair so well together? Well, it is because coffee enhances the chocolate flavor. So adding coffee to chocolate baked goods, make the chocolate taste more… chocolatey. Who doesn’t like that? Cold coffee can be added to chocolate cake batters and coffee extract or syrup can enhance chocolate frosting, making a delicious coffee and chocolate cake!

Coffee Flavor can be… Grounding

Coffee’s flavor and bitterness can be a wonderful addition to a baked good that has more natural flavors or earthy tones. This could include musky spices or bittersweet notes like molasses. Treats like gingerbread, spice cakes, or pumpernickel bread can all be enhanced by adding coffee.

Coffee Flavor Can Compliment… Anything!

The flavor of coffee can be added to different components of any baked goods. Think about a vanilla cake with mocha frosting, coffee cake with actual coffee, cheesecake with coffee-flavored layers, or spiced cake with a coffee-flavored glaze. The list of ways you can incorporate coffee into your fall baking is truly endless! Don’t be afraid to get creative!

If you Prefer Your Coffee on the Side

We know not everyone enjoys baking or feels confident to experiment with adding coffee to their recipes. If this is you, no worries. We can still provide you with your sweets and coffee fix this fall. At 7 Corners Coffee, we provide you favorite high-quality coffee beverages and delicious baked goods from local bakeries across the twin cities. 

When planning your next fall apple orchard outing, get the day started at our coffee shop near the U of M for a baked snack and warm coffee to enhance all the fall feels. 

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