Trending Winter Coffee Flavors

Halloween is over and for many, we have officially hit the Holiday season. Celebrating the Holidays looks different for everyone, but if you live in Minnesota or other cold climates, this time of year certainly means enjoying your favorite warm seasonal drinks. 

Coffee lovers like us, love to experiment by enhancing coffee flavors or just having fun concocting new coffee creations. 

Each time of year comes with its own new set of flavors, and the Holiday season is packed full of cozy, warm, nostalgic flavors, that make everyone feel merry and bright.

Whether you are brewing coffee at home or stopping into 7 Corners coffee shop near Dinkytown, try out some of these winter flavors when you’re looking to get in a festive mood. 

Winter Coffee Flavors

Peppermint- Peppermint, and winter really go hand in hand. The classic red and white candy canes are a symbol of Christmas. Peppermint flavor adds an invigorating punch to any warm coffee drink. A peppermint latte is a perfect pick-me-up on a cold winter morning. Try combining espresso, milk, white chocolate, and peppermint syrup for a yummy festive drink. Garnish with whip cream, crushed peppermint, or even a candy cane on top. 

Spice blend- Simply adding some spices to your coffee grounds can totally transform your morning coffee for the season. Try adding cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel to make a winter spice coffee.

Eggnog– you either love it or you hate it but have you tried it in your coffee? Stir warm eggnog into your coffee for a rich and creamy holiday flavor.  

Gingerbread- another classic holiday flavor. You’ll need a well-blended mixture of molasses, brown sugar, ginger, and cinnamon to create this nostalgic flavor within your coffee. You can also always dip your own gingerbread men creations into your coffee.

Chocolate- we know chocolate is beloved all year long, but cold Minnesota winters bring out everyone’s love of hot chocolate and mocha coffee drinks. Enjoy either after a full day of sledding, ice skating, or other winter outdoor activities.

Coffee Shop in Minneapolis

As Minnesotans, we are no strangers to the cold and snow. We also know one of the best ways to survive these long cold months is to find moments of joy and warmth throughout the holiday season. Whether you’re creating a festive coffee bar at your holiday party or stopping into a 7 corners coffee shop, try out some of these winter flavors to get in a festive mood. 

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