Welcome Back Gophers!

Have you noticed the University Of Minnesota Campus is coming back to life? As undergraduate students move into their yearly housing, administration is back in their offices, professors are preparing for the school year, and graduate students are gearing up for another year of classes, the hustle and bustle of campus is getting louder.

We feel the buzz (no pun intended) in our cafe located on the University of Minnesota West Bank. As new Carlson School of Management students figure out where their classes will be held, we see the rush of refreshed and energized students and professors walk through our doors.

As a coffee shop located on a college campus, we strive to meet the needs and demands of student life. Besides the obvious need for your daily cup of coffee, we hope to be a place that offers many benefits to students and faculty alike.

A Necessary Caffeine Boost

Let’s start with the obvious. For many, the love of coffee starts in college. And it isn’t so much a love as it is a necessity to make it through your day. We know the life of a student can be exhausting. Late nights out, whether spent studying or with friends, followed by early morning classes or work shifts can lead to a struggle to keep your eyes open.

While coffee can never replace the importance of maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, it can give you the kick you need to get through the extra long and busy days you have ahead.

If you are going to be drinking a cup of coffee, let it be a good one. Our coffee is not only “good” in the sense that it tastes delicious but it is “good” in the sense it is ethically and sustainably sourced.

A Quiet Place to Study

This is the time of year, you need to stake out the best study spot. It has actually been found that coffee shops are great for productivity. Most people benefit from a controlled work environment rather than trying to be productive in their home.

Our coffee shop is designed to help you succeed. From multiple different seating options and set ups to enough electrical outlets for all your devices, we had students in mind in all the details.

While we value community in our shop, it still remains a quiet and controlled environment perfect for crossing items and assignments off your checklist.

The Spot to Meet With Friends

Like we said, we value community at our coffee shop. In fact, we hope to be able to get to know you as the school year progresses. Our friendly baristas love to get to know each student who walks through our doors, their orders, what they like and don’t like and maybe even talk a little about life.

We also are a great spot to meet up with friends. Whether it’s morning, day, or night we offer the perfect coffee, pastry, or kombucha to enjoy in the company of a friend , work on a group project, or meet with a weekly small group. With both single and group seating options available, we hope to meet the needs of all.

With that said, we hope to see you at 7 Corners Coffee on the west bank of the U of M campus. Whether you are needing to cram for a test tomorrow or wake up for the gopher game on Saturday we are here to enhance your student life!

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