New Featured Roasters: Camber Coffee Roasters

At 7 Corners Coffee shop we are excited to feature a new roaster each quarter of the year. We will be keeping things fresh for you this quarter with our next featured roaster, Camber.

Camber coffee is roasted in Bellingham, Washington and offers a variety of roasts and flavors from around the world.

Each roast comes with it’s own back story of the farmers who planted and cultivated the beans. Many of which have worked extremely hard to transform the coffee growing industry in their area, make a living for their families, and contribute to their communities.

We value supporting roasters who have relationships with the farmers they work with, ensuring they are ethically treated and paid. For this reason, we are proud to work with Camber Coffee Roasters who have made it part of their mission to cultivate relationships with each of the farmers they work with.

This relationship also guarantees better coffee is being produced which helps us guarantee you’ll love the blends we serve you right out of our cafes in downtown Minneapolis.

Let’s Take a look at some of the farmers who are behind the cup of coffee you can enjoy in our shop.

Guatemala Santa Isabel

Located in the town of San Cristóbal Verapaz, Don Luis and his son (also named Luis, but nicknamed Wicho) manage a 300 acre farm as the general and agricultural manager. When Don Luis first planted the farm, Cobán didn’t necessarily have a reputation for high quality coffee. Determined to show the world the region had more to offer, Don Luis and Wicho placed their attention on improved cultivation techniques and perfecting their drying practices; they transformed the quality of their coffee over the course of the last decade. Their coffees have been placed in Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence twice.”

Peru Saul Taica

“Saul Menor Taica owns four hectares of land in the San Francisco area of the Huabal district. Saul grows caturra, catimor, and castillo. Saul has converted two hectares of his farm to pasture land and has started raising cattle along with growing a number of different cash crops. Over the past two years he has made a number of improvements to his processes, including better cherry selection. This lot is 100% caturra from the highest parts of his farm and is one of the finest coffees in the area.”


Danny Moreno grows coffee on a piece of land named El Filo. Danny and his five brothers inherited this land from their father Daniel, who divided it into lots for each son. Together, the family built a wet mill, raised beds, and solar dryers to process and prepare their specialty lots. Working together and sharing their facilities with their neighbors, the family has helped elevate the El Cedral community to produce and prepare better quality coffees.”

We are honored and humbled to support each one of these farmers and many more by partners with Camber Coffee. We thank them for providing us and you with the highest quality coffee blends for our favorite lattes, cappuccinos, and brewed coffees.

Cheers to these hard working farmers!

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