Why Coffee Shops are Great for Productivity

A lot of people struggle with being productive at home, especially when it comes to dull and repetitive tasks. In fact, studies have shown that people perform these types of tasks better in a controlled work environment than they do at home. This is because you have little choice but to do the work that’s in front of you.  

The same is true for students and their homework. 

Unfortunately, many of us had little choice but to work and study from home in 2020 due to COVID-19. The idea of sleeping in a little longer and walking over to your computer in your pajamas may sound great in theory, but can quickly get repetitive. Some have ultimately adapted to operating solely from their homes. Others are still struggling to hit 100% productivity. 

Though many offices and schools are still closed, there is hope: coffee shops. 

Twin Cities Coffee Shop

Coffee shops have long been a popular place for working and studying. But do they actually make you more productive? The general consensus is, yes. In fact, many people find themselves more productive at a coffee shop than they do at home or in a controlled workspace. Let’s take a look at why that may be. 

Coffee Shops – The Best of Both Worlds 

Like we said before, people generally handled mundane tasks better in a controlled environment. However, studies have also shown that people are actually more productive out of the office when doing creative tasksThis likely correlates with the fact that most people feel office environments stifle creativity. When you’re out of the office, you also don’t have to worry about being interrupted by a coworker or manager right when you’re in the middle of something. 

Coffee shops sit in a sweet spot. They provide the freedom and relaxation that comes with being out of the office, but they also remove many of the distractions and temptations you face at home. They’re controlled without being stifling.  

The ambient noise provided by coffee shops has actually been shown to improve performance on creative tasksMeanwhile, being surrounded by other people who are working or studying motivates you to work harder on your own responsibilities. Subconsciously, you’re trying to show them that you too are being productive. You may even be trying to compete with them on some level. 

All of this adds up to a serious boost in productivity for most people, regardless of the type of work they’re doing.  

Let’s Get to Work 

Don’t try to fight productivity. If you know you’ll get more done by going to a coffee shop, then grab your things, put on your shoes and head out the door. Of course, we understand most people can’t go out to the coffee shop every single day. The cost can add up quickly. Additionally, with capacity restrictions still in effect, it can be a little strenuous for coffee shops themselves.  

It’s best to be strategic about when you go to a coffee shop and what work you’re going to do there. For some, it might be best to get their week started at a coffee shop. Others may use it to cross off some important tasks before the weekend. Try experimenting and see what works best for your workflow. 

The question is, where do you go? 

If you live in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, we’d love to have you visit 7 Corners Coffee. We’ve designed our space to be bright, welcoming and energizing. You’ll find plenty of outlets around our tables so you don’t have to worry about your computer dying in the middle of your work. We also have some pretty great coffee, tea, kombucha and more! 

As a third wave coffee shop, you can trust our coffee is always high in quality and ethically sourced. Come visit our specialty coffee shop in Downtown Minneapolis or our new Eden Prairie location. We’re confident either spot will provide you with what you need to get some work done.  

Our new Eden Prairie location awaits!

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