Onyx Coffee Lab – Our First Featured Roaster of 2021

We are proud to have Onyx Coffee Lab as our first featured roaster of the year. Based out of Arkansas, Onyx was founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife Jon and Andrea Allen. Since then, they have both become award winning baristas and highly respected roasters in the industry.  

In fact, Andrea was 2020’s U.S. Barista Champion. 

If you’d like a taste of what Onyx has to offer, make sure to stop by our Minneapolis or (NEW!) Eden Prairie location. With the freezing temperatures we’ve been experiencing, there are few things better than a warm cup of delicious coffee. 

And with Onyx, you can trust the beverage you’re enjoying is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.  

Onyx Coffee at 7 Corners Coffee

A Quality Product, Inside and Out 

In their own words, Onyx seeks “quality, truth and accountability in coffee.” They do so in a number of ways. The coffee itself is roasted using solar energy that’s gathered from the roof of their facility. This allows their roastery to be completely carbon neutral. To ensure quality, a sample is taken from every single roast and cupped to ensure quality and flavor. 

When the coffee is ready to go, it’s either served directly in one of their three coffee shops or it’s placed inside of eco-friendly packaging. 

Most of Onyx’s roasts come in boxes made with unbleached, uncoated paperboard produced from recycled materials. For a finishing touch, the boxes feature raised and recessed designs. Not only are these boxes better for the environment than traditional plastic and foil bags, but they look cooler too!  

Onyx is a big believer that quality coffee and great design don’t have to come at the expense of sustainability. 

When Onyx does use bags, they use products made from 60% compostable and all renewable film layers. Unlike traditional coffee bags that are made from nonrenewable plastic and foil, these bags leave little-to-no footprint. 

A Sustainable Future for Coffee 

Onyx works hard to promote transparency and a sustainable coffee economyIn addition to environmental initiatives, they make sure their farmers are paid fair wages while also helping them to use more sustainable methods of farming. This includes things like buying organic fertilizers rather than synthetic ones, as well as purchasing coffee that is natural or honey processed. This reduces harmful runoff and protects natural water supplies. 

To ensure transparency, they include pricing and trade data with their coffee. This allows you to see what was paid for it, how it was scored, who they bought it from and more. This isn’t just for marketing purposes. Where coffee comes from matters. 

As a third wave coffee shop, 7 Corners Coffee is proud to serve Onyx coffee and share their story with the Twin Cities community. If you’d like to try their coffee, come visit either our café near the University of Minnesota or stop by our new Eden Prairie location 

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