Instant, Ground, and Specialty Coffee- What’s The Difference?

If you are new to the world of coffee or just trying to learn more about your favorite comforting beverage, you have come to a good place. As experts in specialty coffee in Minneapolis, we love to educate our customers. We could talk about coffee all day long!

But where do you begin? Let’s start with some of the basics. When your walking through the coffee aisle at the grocery store or looking at what your local coffee shop has to offer, you may notice three different distinctions. Instant coffee, regular ground coffee, and specialty coffee.

What’s The Difference?

Instant Coffee

When we talk about instant coffee we are starting at the bottom. As lovers of good coffee, we cannot recommend you choose instant coffee for your daily cup, however, we know everyone has their own personal preferences. 

Instant coffee is made with Robusta coffee beans which tend to be of lower quality. Instant coffee beans are roasted in the same way regular ground coffee is but then it is brewed and dehydrated. The crystals left behind are what you get when your purchase instant coffee. From there you simply add liquid to rehydrate the coffee. 

The idea of instant coffee sounds quick and convenient but be warned. The process of dehydrating coffee strips it of its oils and many flavors. Between that and the already poor quality of beans, instant coffee would never be our choice when shopping for coffee options. 

Ground Coffee

The biggest difference between ground and instant coffee is that ground coffee is not yet brewed. When your purchase regular ground coffee you will do the brewing, which makes it a big improvement from instant coffee. Ground coffee is also usually made from arabica beans which is a step up from Robusta and usually won’t taste bitter.

Ground coffee has a richer flavor and aroma than instant coffee. There are no fillers or additives, and roasted fresh. So if you actually want to savor the taste of coffee, this is a better option.

Specialty Coffee

Now we have made it to the top. If instant coffee is at the end of the spectrum, specialty coffee can be found at the opposite end. Specialty coffee is also roasted and brewed from arabica beans, but these beans are grown in particular microclimates. 

When it comes to specialty coffee, we are talking about much more than the final product in your coffee cup. Specialty coffee pays attention to every step of the coffee farming, roasting, and brewing process. 

In addition to unmatched taste, flavor, and aroma, this kind of coffee is also deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability and fair farming. A cup of specialty coffee can only exist when everyone in the coffee supply chain works together to maintain a keen focus on high quality from the seed to the cup.

Where Does 7 Corners Coffee Fit?

The coffee we serve our guests at 7 Corners Coffee in Minneapolis is always specialty Coffee. We rotate through a variety of featured specialty coffee roasters. We strive to maintain sustainability and offer you the highest quality cup, every time. 


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