How You Can Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

As a specialty coffee cafe in Downtown Minneapolis, we value sustainability. It is important to us that our coffee shops operate responsibly to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and the coffee supply chain. 

We invest in many sustainable practices from using recycled materials to working with ethically sourced coffee. 

In addition to our own sustainable practices, we want to help our customers live more sustainable lives, especially when it comes to their coffee. One creative way you can reduce waste with your coffee consumption is to reuse your coffee grounds.

Reducing Waste

Did you know there are many ways you can reuse coffee grounds after you have brewed your cup of coffee? Recycling coffee grounds will help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.

When coffee grounds are dumped into landfills they create methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Methane is known to be more harmful than carbon dioxide, another greenhouse gas that causes global warming. If we are able to keep coffee grounds out of landfills we’ll be one step closer to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Natural Fertilizer

Coffee grounds can work wonders in your garden and flower beds. They contain a high amount of nitrogen. When scattered across the soil they will slowly release nitrogen into the soil. This causes the soil temperature to rise and stay hot for long periods of time. The high temperature kills weeds and will allow your garden to flourish beautifully. 

Coffee grounds are acidic, which benefits “acid-loving” plants like roses, camellias, blueberries, and azaleas. 

It has also been found that coffee grounds in your gardens can help reduce the number of slugs as well as repel cats or bunnies from nibbling on your produce. 

Skin Care

The residual caffeine left in your coffee grounds can activate your body’s own processes of repairing cellular damage, making it effective in helping you care for your skin. 

Utilize the coffee ground’s natural exfoliating properties by adding it to a DIY exfoliating cream. 

Create a coffee ground bath bomb by filling a nut milk bag or cheesecloth with coffee grounds. Throw it in your tub while you soak just like a bath bomb.

The caffeine found in coffee grounds has also been found to reduce puffiness. Utilize this under your eyes to give yourself a quick wake-up call. 

Be Creative

Just as coffee comes in all flavors and depths so does the color of coffee grounds. This makes it an excellent medium to get creative. Coffee grounds can be used to create multiple different shades of dye for clothing or fabric or used like paint on a canvas or paper. 

Sustainable Cafes in Downtown Minneapolis

Next time you go to throw away your coffee grounds, think again. Try out one of these fun ways to reuse your coffee grounds and let us know your results!

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