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It is finally warm here in Minnesota. School is letting out, bicycles are speeding by, and everyone is enjoying our short-lived summer. As the temperatures continue to rise, hot coffee drinkers may enjoy their steaming cup of coffee a little less. So what do you do on a hot summer afternoon when you are looking for a pick me up?

Cold Brew.

That’s right everyone, it’s time to switch from your warm cozy winter coffee drinks to your favorite cool and refreshing summer drinks. Oftentimes, that will include cold brew. 

You may have noticed, that cold brew coffee has exploded in popularity in the last several years.  This unique type of coffee, made with cold water instead of hot, is surprisingly versatile—here’s what makes it unique:

  • It has ~66% less acidity
  • And ~66% less bitterness
  • And it’s made as a concentrate that you can dilute with any liquid

What you end up with is a super-smooth coffee with all the rich aromas and sugars, but without harsh bitter, or sour notes. 

Enjoy Cold Brew This Summer

At 7 corners coffee shop near Dinkytown we always have fresh specialty cold brew coffee ready to serve you. One of the most significant benefits of cold brew is its versatility. There’s an endless amount of possibilities you can create with cold brew. We have even seen some pretty unexpected combinations growing in popularity.

Feeling adventurous? Try any of these unique cold brew beverages:

  • Cold Brew lemonade
  • Cold Brew soda

Looking for a classic? Try any of your favorite coffee drinks with cold brew:

  • Plain cold brew on ice
  • Cold Brew latte (sub any of your favorite dairy/non-dairy milk and flavor shots)
  • Cold Brew Mocha

Join us this summer to enjoy our favorite iced beverages. We love light, fruity, and whimsical flavors in summer and our beans are giving you just that. Pair it with our freshly scooped Sebastian Joe’s ice cream to make the perfect summer afternoon.

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