What is Third Wave Coffee?

When you think about purchasing a cup of coffee, it is almost overwhelming how many options you have. Chances are there are one or multiple coffee shops in proximity to where you currently are.

These coffee shop options likely vary in price, quality, and overall experience. So how do you choose? 

What makes a good cup of coffee? And what makes a good coffee shop experience?

At Seven Corners coffee, we are a coffee shop near the U of M that has set out to not only make the best cup of coffee but also give you the best experience every time you walk through our doors. 

We are believers in the third-wave coffee movement, setting ourselves and our coffee apart from the rest. 

What is the third-wave coffee movement?

Whether you have noticed it or not, a shift in the coffee industry has led to a new view on coffee. A third-wave coffee shop values coffee quality, origin, appreciation, and sustainability. These specialty coffee shops are beloved by devoted customers who value these points of distinction, as well.

Are you supporting a third-wave coffee shop? By choosing to purchase your coffee at one of these shops, not only will you have a more enjoyable experience, with higher quality coffee, but you will be helping support coffee farmers and make an impact around the world.

Looking to experience something new? Here are some of the benefits of visiting a third-wave coffee shop.

higher quality coffee

Quality of coffee is one of the most important values in specialty or third-wave coffee. From the farmer growing the trees and picking the best coffee cherries to mill done in-country and expert roasting processes, there are no shortcuts allowed.

We believe every step of the coffee harvesting and brewing process is important and should be done to the highest quality. First-time customers of specialty coffee shops are usually surprised they can taste the difference in quality compared to other chain coffee shops.

The Q system is a 100-point scale developed to analyze the quality of coffee. Only coffee with a score of 80 and above can qualify as specialty coffee and we take pride in serving specialty qualifying coffee in our shops.


Third-wave coffee shops value sustainability which means when you support our shops you are making a difference in our local community and helping our environment globally.

7 Corners Coffee is striving for sustainability by supporting other local Minneapolis companies. Additionally, we are helping plant trees in the Kibira Rainforest through the Long Miles Coffee Project.

Third-wave coffee shops also make a point to use recyclable and reusable products wherever possible.

ethical direct trade

When you support third-wave coffee companies you are supporting a movement toward more fair and ethical trade. Historically, coffee farmers have been undervalued and underpaid parts of the coffee supply chain, working in harsh or unsafe conditions, barely making a living wage.

We are on a mission to change this through transparency in relationships throughout the whole coffee supply chain. Our Coffee can be traced back to the farm where it was grown.

This is supporting an ethical, sustainable coffee economy where everyone is treated and paid fairly.

Third Wave Coffee Shop at The U of M

Whether you are a student at the U of M or just in the area, we know you will appreciate the quality and experience of specialty, third-wave coffee. Come taste the difference today!

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