The Difference of a Specialty Coffee Shop

We have discussed the value of supporting a third-wave coffee shop but how do you find one when you are out and about? Many specialty coffee shops aren’t explicitly advertised as the third wave. Of all the coffee shops in downtown Minneapolis, how do you spot a third-wave shop?

The Difference of a Specialty Coffee Shop

When you walk into a coffee shop, there are a number of things you can observe that may hint at it being a specialty coffee shop. This usually won’t include cheap $1 coffees, poor service, or a dirty environment. Here’s what you should look for:

  • A high-quality espresso machine

It’s easy enough to buy a name-brand espresso machine but many coffee shops don’t make the investment. A third-wave coffee shop will invest in a high-quality espresso machine.

  • It’s clean behind the encounter

Not only will the cafe be generally clean and kept nice but behind the counter should also be clean. Take a look around to be sure things are kept clean to ensure the purest cup of coffee. 

  • The milk steaming wand is clean 

Take a peek at the milk steaming want. It is clean and shining or crusty and white? A clean wand will make a better espresso drink.

  • The Menu is Simple

Most third-wave coffee shops don’t have elaborate menus with endless offerings. They stick to the classics. Of course, you are always welcome to order your own creations and combinations.

  • The Coffee Bags have recent roast dates

If the cafe has coffee on its shelves check for a roast date. Is it clearly labeled and within the last week? Specialty coffee shops will serve and sell only fresh coffee. 

  • The barista is knowledgeable

Beyond how to make a cappuccino, a barista should be trained and knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of the coffee industry. This includes, where the coffee came from and how to properly brew it. 

  • The taste is high quality

Ultimately, a third-wave coffee shop must serve specialty coffee. This coffee will taste far better than other coffees that don’t meet the standards of specialty coffee. When you drink high-quality coffee, anything less will be obvious. 

Third Wave Coffee Shops in Downtown Minneapolis 

Luckily, as the third wave movement continues to progress and grow in popularity, it will become easier and easier for you to find one wherever you go. At 7 Corners Coffee, we appreciate that our consumers value the time and care that goes into creating a specialty cup of coffee. Taste the difference today!


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