New Featured Roaster: Sweet Bloom Coffee

As the Twin Cities heads into (hopefully) warmer weather, it’s time for a new featured roaster here at 7 Corners Coffee. This quarter, we’re offering a variety of delicious coffee beverages made with beans from Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters in Lakewood, Colorado. Like all of our featured roasters, Sweet Bloom is a third wave roastery that values a sustainable coffee economy as much as they value creating a delicious product. 

Sweet Bloom Coffee

But that’s not all that makes Sweet Bloom great. Today, we would like to share a little more about their story. 

What Makes Sweet Bloom Special 

Sweet Bloom was founded by Andy Sprenger in 2013. After spending a decade in the specialty coffee industry, he returned to his hometown of Lakewood, Colorado to begin a new chapter. Using his wealth of industry knowledge and experience, he set up a roastery built on transparency, relationships and of course, quality coffee. 

The name Sweet Bloom comes from the two “blooms” that coffee experiences. The first is with the coffee plant itself, which grows small, white flowers when it matures. The second is when freshly roasted coffee beans are ground and infused with water, “blooming” into a true cup of coffee. 

Sweet Bloom understands that each of these blooms is equally important. Good coffee must start with quality coffee plants and it must end with proper preparation. How it gets from point A to point B is also critical. That’s why Sweet Bloom places extra emphasis on connecting coffee producers with coffee consumers. 

Typically, roasteries have one or two people who travel to the farms where their coffee is grown. While this builds relationships and helps ensure proper working conditions, it leaves coffee farmers out of the rest of the process. The sad truth is that many coffee farmers across the world have never even tasted the coffee they grow.  

To address this, Sweet Bloom has reversed the traditional setup. Rather than simply visiting the coffee farms, they bring farmers and representatives to their roasting facility. During this time, they host “Connect with the Producer” events where customers can meet some of the people involved in the farming process. The representatives also get to taste their own product and see how it’s served.  

Try Sweet Bloom Coffee Today! 

To truly experience the story of Sweet Bloom and their coffee farmers, you’ll need to try a cup of their delicious coffee. We can help with that. A variety of Sweet Bloom roasts can be found at our specialty coffee shop in downtown Minneapolis, as well as our Eden Prairie locationStop by in the next few months and experience what makes their coffee so special.

For a peek at some of the specialty drinks we’re making with Sweet Bloom beans, make sure to watch the video below:

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