How College Students Can Stay Connected Over Summer Break

Summer break for college students and even college professors can be a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. We know that just because classes are out doesn’t mean all work and responsibilities go out the window, but summer is often a time for lightened work loads and more free time to focus on whatever may interest you.

For many college students, however, summer can be a hard time as they feel disengaged, unmotivated, or unconnected from their friends and college life that they grew to love over the school year.

How do you find the balance of keeping yourself busy and connected but still relaxing and allowing yourself to be refreshed before the new school year begins?

At 7 Corners Coffee, we are located right near the University of Minnesota and DinkyTown. We love serving college students and professors on a daily basis and have grown to know and love the community found there.

With that said, we have seen many college students use their summers to not only have fun and relax but stay connected to their college life and studies in fun ways. Here are a few ways we have seen college students make the most of their summer, even right out of our coffee shop!

Meet or Become a Mentor

As a young college student nothing can be more valuable than learning from those in seasons of life ahead of you. Mentorship can be a powerful and practical way to manage many of the stresses, questions, and opportunities life may throw at you. College students are at a pivotal point in their lives. Getting the perspective, advice, and guidance from a mentor could be life changing and influential in the direction your life goes.

It is also important to recognize that, as a college student, you have a lot to offer, especially to younger students or even high school students. There are many mentorship programs where college students can pay forward the life lessons they have already learned to the next generation.

Mentorship can be an awesome way to spend your extra time over the summer. We see countless life changing conversations happen through mentorship over coffee in our shops.


Volunteering is a way you can spend your time that seems to have an endless amount of benefits. While volunteering can look different in so many ways, based on what you are interested in or skills you have, you will always be making an impact in someone else’s life.

The impact you can make through volunteering is reason enough to take the time to do it, however, you will see volunteering benefit yourself in many ways, as well. Volunteering Provides you with opportunities to learn new skills, enhance your resume, and chances are it will give you a sense of satisfaction that can only come by serving others.

Connect With Professors

Both students and professors alike tend to have more free time in the summers, so take advantage. Continue relationships with your favorite professors over the summer by meeting for a cup of coffee or pursuing internship opportunities under them.

Meeting with professors regularly will likely give you a leg up by expanding your network and enhancing relationships.

Enjoy The Outdoors With Friends

Summer break in Minnesota is not something to take for granted. It is important for us Minnesotans to take the time to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Make It a priority to stay connected with friends by enjoying outdoor activities together. Whether you want to walk, bike, run or rollerblade our walk up window is open for you and a friend to swing by to grab a cold brew as you enjoy each other’s company in the glorious Minnesota summer sun,

Do It all With a Cup of Coffee

Don’t let your summer fly by without taking the time to be intentional to stay connected and productive. There are lots of FUN ways to do this. We may be biased, but a cold brew coffee or on tap kombucha from our coffee shop near Dinkytown will always be a great destination for summer connection and fun!

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