What Exactly is Nitro Cold Brew (and Why is it So Good?)

We know it’s the middle of winter, but in our opinion, cold brew coffee can be enjoyed year-round. Especially nitro cold brew. Though nitro cold brew has existed for less than a decade, it’s quickly become a staple of modern coffee shops. 


Because it’s delicious. Nitro cold brew is scientifically engineered to enhance the flavor of coffee, providing the drink with a smooth, frothy finish. 

The Science of Nitro Cold Brew 

The process of creating nitro cold brew isn’t particularly complicated. You take a keg of quality cold brew coffee, and you infuse it with nitrogen. Though nitrogen is colorless and odorless, it changes both the flavor and the initial appearance of the coffee. 

Nitrogen doesn’t easily dissolve in liquid, causing the coffee to become thicker and creamier. Since the coffee that’s being used is cold brewedit’s less acidic as well. It also tends to contain higher levels of caffeine due to the brewing process. The end result is a sweet, velvety taste with an extra kick of energy. 

Traditionally, nitro cold brew is not served with ice to preserve the texture and appearance. A freshly poured cup of nitro cold brew features a beautiful cascading pattern that is the result of the nitrogen moving through the coffee. 

You’ll probably want to capture this phenomenon with an Instagram Boomerang. It’s okay, we won’t judge. 

Where to Find Quality Nitro Cold Brew in Minneapolis 

While the nitro and cold brewing process enhance the flavor of coffee, you still need to start with quality beans. At 7 Corners Coffee, we use Dogwood’s Zamboni for our nitro cold brew. Fittingly named after the famous ice resurfacer, this coffee offers the smooth, rich taste you’d expect from a cold brew. 

And since it’s from Dogwood Coffee, you can trust that the beans are properly sourced and ethically grown. 

For a great tasting cup of nitro cold brew that supports a sustainable coffee market, stop by our coffee shop near the U of M! In addition to cold brew, we have a wide selection of other handcrafted beverages, along with bakery treats, hot sandwiches, and more. 

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