Celebrating Our One-Year Anniversary with a New Roaster!

It’s hard to believe but 7 Corners Coffee is officially one year old. We could have never predicted everything that would take place in our first year of business. We are incredibly thankful for the support of our community as we’ve worked to adapt to current circumstances while providing quality, ethically sourced coffee. 

With a year in the books and a new quarter beginning, it’s time for a new featured roaster. But before we get to that, we thought we’d take a moment and highlight some of our previous roasters.  

Our First Year of Roasters 

It starts with Dogwood Coffee Co. As a Minneapolis-based coffee company, Dogwood is near and dear to our hearts. Not only do they roast some great coffee but they have a genuine love for our shared community. Since launching in 2010, Dogwood has built a great reputation in the Twin Cities coffee scene.  

We are proud to continually carry their product for our batch brew. 


Next, we have Provision Coffee. Provision is a roaster from Arizona that set out to build a community around things they love. This started with creating some fantastic coffee, some of which is sourced from our friends at Long Miles Coffee Project. Over the years, Provision has expanded their offerings to food, cocktails and more. If you’re ever in the Phoenix area, we highly recommend checking out their physical location. 

After Provision, we had the privilege of serving roasts from Saint Frank Coffee out of San Francisco. Like their hometown, the name Saint Frank comes from Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis was passionate about people and nature, and those are passions shared by Saint Franks. The founders regularly travel across the world to make sure their farmers are being properly cared for. 

Finally, our most recent roaster was Madcap Coffee. Having started back in 2008, Madcap is a veteran in the third wave coffee market. Driven to create the best coffee experience possible, Madcap’s founders are constantly trying different beans and roasts from around the world. They estimate that they taste around 3,000 types of coffee every year. 

Introducing Our Newest Featured Roaster 

Our latest featured roaster is Black & White Coffee Roasters from Raleigh, NC. Black & White just celebrated an anniversary of their own last month, turning three years old. Though the brand is relatively new, it was founded by two veteran barista competitors. Their skills certainly show in their product. 

If you’d like to celebrate our anniversary and enjoy some delicious Black & White coffee, stop by our Minneapolis coffee shop soon!  

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