First Feature Roaster of 2022- Coffea Roasterie

We are excited to share our first feature roaster of 2022, Coffea Roasterie. Also based in the Midwest, this coffee is coming to us from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Coffea Roasterie

Coffea Roasterie & Espresso bar was established in 2009 by a group of coffee lovers who are passionate about the craft of specialty coffee. They especially love connecting with their community, creating one-of-a-kind drinks, and fostering relationships with the wonderful producers they work with.

Each coffee blend they serve or sell comes with its own story of how it came to be. From farm to your cup, the journey of your coffee can be traced back every step of the way. Coupled with the higher quality and well-cared for beans, this coffee does more than just meet the standards of specialty coffee.

Let’s take a look at one of the blends we will be offering in our coffee shops near Dinkytown.

Luz Divia Fierro

This coffee comes from Finca El Meson in the Huila department of Colombia, which is owned and operated by Luz and Elpidio. They inherited the farm 4 years ago and started by planting 20,000 pink bourbon trees. In the past, the land had been used to raise cattle. In addition to coffee, they also grow plantains, yucca and sugar cases. They still have 4 cows for milk, as well.
They are a young family with two daughters and a son. Not only is this family passionate and dedicated to growing high quality coffee but they ensure they care for the workers they employ. This includes making sure they are well paid and feel comfortable on their farm.
From Luz and Elpidio farm, you get a flavor packed coffee in your cup. This lot is entirely composed of the coveted Pink Bourbon varietal and it does not disappoint! While being gentle and coating, we get notes of sparkling raspberry limeade and sweet caramel.

At 7 Corners Coffee, we are proud to support Coffea Roasterie and the farmers they partner with, like Luz and Elpidio. Together we can change the world of coffee farming for the better.

Stop into our coffee shops near Dinkytown to taste the coffee blends we will be serving from Coffea Roasterie in the next few months.

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