Featured Roaster: Madcap Coffee

7 Corners Coffee is proud to announce our latest roaster: Madcap Coffee. As far as third wave roasters go, Madcap is a veteran, having started all the way back in 2008. Don’t mistake their age for complacency, though. Madcap is constantly pushing industry boundaries, experimenting with new flavors and holding themselves to a higher standard. 

In their own words, they believe “that tomorrow’s best can be better than today’s.” 

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Madcap was founded by two friends named Trevor and Ryan who shared a passion for coffee. Not only did they appreciate its flavor, but they loved the story behind coffee and the way it brought people together. They decided to take their shared passion and create the best coffee experience imaginable. 

This has sent them on a never-ending journey for new and exciting flavors. Every year, Trevor and Ryan taste around 3,000 types of coffee. Rather than doing this from the comfort of their café, they spend much of the year outside of the U.S., visiting the land where the coffee is grown and meeting the people who farm it. 

When they’re in their roasting facility, they make sure the highest level of consistency remains in each batch of coffee produced. They’re the first to admit their obsession with the nuances and subtleties of their roasts, and it shows in the final product. 

Transparency and Properly Sourced Coffee 

Though Madcap’s end goal may be to provide deliciously complex coffee, they start by building relationships. They seek coffee growers who share their enthusiasm and work closely with them to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal.  

Some of their farmers have been working with them since they started. No matter how long they’ve been around, Madcap makes sure they’re being paid a premium price and well taken care of. Additionally, the name of every Madcap coffee highlights the grower, farm or region of origin. Their website also prominently features the people and places behind their coffee 

With Madcap, you can trust the coffee you’re drinking is helping achieve a sustainable coffee economy 

Whipping Up Some Madcap Coffee for Minneapolis 

In addition to using Madcap beans for our usual assortment of beverages, we’re excited to announce a new offering for this season: whipped drinks! 

You may have seen these delicious coffee beverages trending across social media over the summer. Trust us when we say they taste even better than they look. Rather than trying to gather some ingredients and following a YouTube tutorial, why not stop by our coffee shop near the U of M and order a whipped coffee made with a flavorful Madcap roast? You can see our full list of offerings here 

In addition to our walk-up window, we’re now offering seating inside too! 

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