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Featured Roaster: Saint Frank Coffee, San Francisco
For Saint Frank, coffee isn’t mundane or a commodity; it isn’t “just coffee.” It brings joy to life through its aromas and flavors and with its ability to bring people together. There is a world and a story behind every coffee from particular people, places, and cultures. Saint Frank builds real relationships with producers around the world with a commitment toward quality of life from the farms to your cup. Founded by Kevin Bohlin in 2013, Saint Frank is evolving a dream of the coffee experience beyond a simple joy in life toward social connection and celebration of people, place, and culture. Kevin discovered that small-scale poor farmers produced some of the most complex and incredible coffees in the world, yet they had no experience of what was happening to their work thousands of miles away or its tremendous value and appreciation by specialty coffee drinkers. We want to help tell that story.

Currently Serving:
Little Brother Espresso, Single Origin Pour Over, Ninga Hill, Burundi & Parainema, Honduras Lanuneta

Resident Roaster: Dogwood Coffee, Minneapolis
Always serving Bearhug as our signature drip

Our History of Featured Roasters:
Sept 2019-Oct 2019—Provision Coffee, Phoenix
In 2011, PROVISION started to build a community. A community around coffee, craft, shared interests, and more coffee. They traveled the world to meet coffee farmers, understand the entire lifecycle of the crop, and learn the secrets of the trade. They dialed in their roast profiles, tempered their craft, and made use of some science-y stuff to deliver rich, caramelized sugars and juicy, sweet acidity in every cup.

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